Screed Rakes & Pin Levellers

I Tools Compound Leveller 56cm


I Tools 56cm Compound Leveller is a multi purpose trowel, mainly used for the application of levelling compoundsIt can also be used to apply adhesives or epoxy resins over larger areas. A pole/ handle can be attached to make the application process easier whilst still standing upright.I Tools Pole and Mount can be purchased separately. Click the blue Link..

I Tools Compound Leveller Blades 56cm


I Tools Compound Leveller Blades to fit the I Tools Compound Leveller  56cm One Pack contains 10 blades...

I Tools Pin Leveller 60cm


I Tools Pin Leveller used to apply a thicker levelling compound or screed with fibres. The Pin Leveller has a width of 60cm and can be adjusted from 0mm up to 40mm deep. Has been developed so a pole can be attached for ease of use.I Tools Pole and Mount can be purchased separately on item 1916 or click the blue link...

I Tools Pole and Mount


I Tools Pole and Mount suitable to be used with I Tools Pin Leveller and I Tools Compound Rakes...

Pajarito Pin Leveller 60 cm


Pajarito 4680 Pin Leveller is a 0.6mm thick hardened polished band of steel 600mm wide and 100mm high.It has two variable pins to enable adjustable settings for an even spreading of levelling compounds. It is able to apply a screed depth between 6mm to 13mm depth. Constructed with an angled steel mount to accept a telescopic pole, wooden or steel shaft handle...

Smoothing Compound Rake 56cm


Smoothing Compound Rake 56cm..

Wolff Large Area Rake 60cm inc Handle


Wolff 65503 Large Area Rake 60cm including HandleOffers working uprightSpecial articulation imitates movement of the hand2 adjusting pins for positioning of the heightIncludes:Pin leveller (blade and pins) 60 cm, telescopic handleAccessories:Pin leveller (blade and pins) 60 cm#65504Telescopic handle#65497Spare pins#65505..

Wolff Pin Leveller 800mm


Wolff 13658 Pin Leveller Used for the application of smoothing compounds. Supplied complete with a mounting sleeve for a handle or telescopic pole, angular steel mounting plate with changeable steel blade, 100mm high and 0.60mm thick. It has two thick adjustable pins to aid in the level adjustment and depth of screed required. Depth that can be adjustable from 6mm to 30mm and has a working width of 800mm...

Wolff Screed Rake 56cm


Made to apply smoothing compounds. Complete with a wooden handle mount. Has a working width of 56cm. Rake inserts can be inter changeable depending on depth required.Features:Can be used while standingMount for wooden handle to work while standingWorking width, 56 cmIncludes rake insert with R2 notch56cm Rake Blades can be purchased separately ..

Wolff Smoothing Compound Rake 56cm inc Handle


Wolff 65501 Smoothing Compound Rake 56cm including HandleOffers working uprightSpecial articulation imitates movement of the handFast cleaning by special designIncludes:Blade holder 56 cm, telescopic handleAccessories:Blade holder 56 cmTelescopic handle..

Wolff Smoothing Compound Rake Blade R1 56cm


Wolff 166397 Smoothing Compound Rake Blade R1 56cm pack of 5R1 blades put down 3mm depth of screedR2 blades put down 5mm depth of screedR3 blades put down 6mm depth of screedEach pack contains 5 blades..

Wolff Spike Roller 75cm


Wolff Spike Roller used to air-rate water based screeds and remove trowel lines in application. Roller can be chosen in different pin lengths.Working width 75 cm Pin length 11 mm  Pin length 21 mm Pin length 31 mm..

16"/ 40 cm Standard Pin Leveller


16" Standard Pin Leveller is a small rake made of extruded aluminium with height adjustable metal blades that allows a coating thickness of up to 10 mm. It is designed for flooring contractors.40 cm Pin Leveller is ideal for smaller projects or difficult to reach places, where the application of the self smoothing epoxies, polyurethanes, latex or levelling compounds is required.FeaturesStandard Pin LevellerWidth: 40 cm/ 16"Own Weight: 0.7 kgMaterial: aluminiumBlade: height adjusta..

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22" Notched Leveller for Replaceable Notched Tooth Blades with 2 x S6 Blades


56 CM Notched Leveller is fitted with clamps to hold exchangeable toothed blades.The notched leveller can be handheld and used as an adhesive spreader. FeaturesNotched Leveller, including 2 S6 bladesWidth: 56 cm/ 22"Handle: untreated wooden handle and drill holes for stick holder (stick not included)Tool body: Stainless SteelBlade: fitted with clamps to hold exchangeable toothed blades2 x 22" Tooth Blades Included S6-56 Special Hardened Steel BladesProfessional ToolDurableProduct ..

58cm Premium Pin Leveller


Premium Pin Rake Leveller is made of high quality cast aluminium with adjustable metal blades for a coating of up to 18 mm thickness. It is designed to resist the intensive use within the flooring industry.It is ideal for the application of the liquid screeds, latex or self-levelling compounds.FeaturesProfessional Pin Leveller for Flooring ContractorsBlade: height adjustable steel blades allows a coating thickness up to 18 mmWidth: 58 cm/ 23"Own Weight: 1.4 kgMaterial: c..

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