Knee Pads

Crain Leather Knee Pads


Crain 206 Leather Knee Pads have ultra thick padding for kneeling comfort. The tough leather wear surface is durable and minimizes build up of sharp objects like splinters that can scratch the flooring. The thick felt liner padding is riveted to the leather. The leather straps have steel buckles and are designed to last...

Crain Skin Comfort Knee Pads


Crain Skin Comfort Knee Pads have a polyurethane skin on the kneeling surfaces to prevent build up of sharp items such as splinters that can scratch the floor covering. The polyurethane is resistant to tearing and penetration offering extra protection for the user. Crain 199 Skin Comfort Knee Pads  are designed to offer better protection for both kneeling or knee kicking. The extra wide straps wont pinch into the users legs. Made from flexible yet durable neoprene material and are machine w..

Fento 200 Pro Spare Straps


Fento Spare straps for Fento Knee padsSturdy elastic and velcro means the FENTO 200/200 Pro/Original  fits comfortably to the lower leg. The wide band fixes round the calf which means it doesn’t constrict the back of the knee. Normal use will result in the bands lasting for 6 months.Set of 2 Elastics with Velcro for Fento 200/ Fento Original..

Leather XL Supersoft Knee Pads 2019


Leather XL Super soft Knee Pads are made from neoprene with a front surface area of leather and fastened by Velcro straps. These pads have a larger surface area than most knee pads giving greater comfort to the installers knees. NOW WITH ADJUSTABLE LENGTH STRAPS!..

Medical Knee Pads


These Medical Knee Pads have been developed with health and safety in mind. They are ideal for the hard floor installers or for anyone working for prolong periods of time on hard surfaces being able to give support to the whole knee area which prevents damage to the tendons and cartilage areas whilst insulating the wearer from the cold surfaces.Supplied with protective carrying bag...

Wolff Knee Pads Pro 200


Wolff Knee Pads are very comfortable knee protectors with hardwearing and waterproof outer layer and wide support area for maximum stability. Wolff Knee Pads Pro 200 Features Size: one size Extra Comfort Interchangeable Inlays and Straps  Usage- Ideal for the application of epoxies, microcement, tiles and other flooring finishes.- All type of flooring applications.Contact Us TODAY for technical support...

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