Sealers for Resins and Microcement

Sealers are the last coats for most resin flooring systems. Top coat is the visible resin coat after the installation is completed. Therefore it can ether elevate the look of your resin floor or it can ruin it.

We offer a range of sealers suitable for different floor traffic requirements.

Sealers may be high gloss, satin or matt. They may be clear or pigmented.

Anti-Slip Beads for Top Coats 150μm-250μm


Toppus Anti-Slip Beads 150μm-250μm are fine white polymer granules for the creation of a transparent slip resistant surface in combination with Epoxy Coatings and Sealers. The fine slip resistant additives are mainly used on luxury resin finishes in residential and commercial environements.Slip Resistant Fine Aggregates are polycarbonate beads with reactive sites that allow it to form a copolymer matrix with epoxies, urethanes, polyesters and acrylics.FeaturesColour: white, which becomes tr..

Anti-Slip Beads for Top Coats 250μm - 425μm


Anti-Slip Beads 250μm-425μm are fine to medium sized white polymer granules for the creation of a transparent slip resistant surface in combination with Clear Epoxy Coatings and Sealers. Polymer Anti-Slip Beads are suitable for the application with the following coatings:Epoxy coating Polyurethane coatingFloor paintsMicrocement topcoatFeaturesColour: white, which becomes transparent in clear sealersColour in dispersion: transparent. In a clear coating system, they will not discolo..

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Matt Colour Top Coat Sealer PU3116 - 5 kg


PU3116 is a solvent free, high quality, 2 component, pigmented, polyurethane, matt top coat sealer for epoxy resin and polyurethane coatings.  The Pigmented Coating is UV stable, therefore perfect to be applied on non UV coatings like PU3115, PU3112 or Epoxy Coatings to achieve a photo-stable seamless floor.PU3116 Colour resin coating offers a smooth matt floor finish. It is suitable for residential and commercial resin flooring projects.PU3116 can also be used for re-sealing the old e..

Fast Set Crack Repair Polyurethane Resin


Fast Set Crack Repair Polyurethane Resin for concrete or screed repairs. Also used for bonding edging profiles prior to applying the floor finish.CURING TIME - Approx. 25-30 minutes at 20 °CFast-curing polyurethane special resin for cracks or joints and for bonding construction elements.If cracks or joints in the screed are discovered on the construction site or if construction elements have to be bonded, a quick and easy solution is needed.  It is particularly suitable as a time-sa..


Matt Polyurethane Top Coat Sealer PU3001- 5 kg


PU 3001 top coat is a solvent free, transparent polyurethane resin sealer, UV Stable, flexible, used as clear top coat for self smoothing resin flooring systems and for microcement finishes.PU3001 polyurethane top coat sealer is scratch resistant and very easy to install, leaving a beautiful matt with a satin appearance finish, free of roller marks and bubbles.Note: Due to an international shortage of resins, it takes up to 4 weeks to delivery our resin products in the UK.PU3001 top coat c..

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