Grinding Accessories

SPE MS 230 Stripping Machines Blade


SPE MS 230 Stripping Machines Blade. One pack contains one blade...

SPE MS 330 Stripping Machine Blade


SPE MS 330 Stripping Machine Blade. One blade is supplied per pack...

SPE STR 701 Nylon Scrubbing Brush


SPE STR 701 Nylon Scrubbing Brush used for applying sealing compounds. None industrial routine scrubbing and brush cleaning of wooden and hard floors...

SPE STR 701 Water Tank


SPE STR 701 Water Tank for applying water and cleaning fluids. Can be used to control dust and improves the cleaning action on form-work.Used with SPE STR 701 Grinding and Sanding Machine..

Wolff Copper Disc 16 grit 375mm


Wolff Copper Disc 16 grit Size: 375mm diameter..

Wolff Duro Stripper Blades


Wolff Duro Stripper Spare blades .Options13345 Vinyl and Linoleum 210 x 60 x 1.0mm (pack of 10 blades)13346 Vinyl Linoluem Rubber 210 x 60 x 1.5mm (pack of 10 blades)13344 Textile 210 x 60 x 0.7mm (pack of 10 blades)48402 Felt & Fleece Serrated Blades 210 x 60 x 1.0mm (One Blade)..

Wolff Grinding Stone


Wolff 13493 Manual grinding stone for preparation of subfloors prior to installation..

Wolff HM Grinding Stone 24-Grit


Wolff 15718 HM Grinding Stone 24-Grit. Used for rough grinding or removing coarse dirt. Contains hard metal splinter for aggressiveness angled work surface for grinding along walls.HM grinding stone, grit 24..

Wolff Junio Blades 120mm


Wolff 13998 Junio Blades 120 mm  to fit the Wolff Junio Stripping Machine.Set of 10 blades..

Wolff Sanding Machine Dust Ring


Wolff 72462 dust ring with extraction outlet for use with a vacuum to collect the dust created from using a Wolff Sanding machine.Used mainly with Wolff Samba Sanding and Grinding Machine..

Wolff Turbo Stripper Additional Weight 30kg


Wolff Turbo Stripper 30kg additional weight for use with Wolff Turbo StripperFeatures:Individual weight shift for optimal resultsIncreases the contact pressure on the knifeEasy to attach..

Wolff Turbo Stripper Running Gear


Wolff Turbo Stripper Running Gear.Increase practicality when transporting on construction sites...

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