Surface Preparation

Surface Preparation for Resin Floors

Surface Preparation is the key to achieving a long lasting durable resin flooring and microcement finishes. The right products applied prior to the resin coating will help you avoid future cracks, flaking, bubbling or damages which may appear in time of the surface. 

Prior to installing resin flooring, the floor substrate needs to be stable, free of movements and cracks, smooth and durable. 

We offer the right levelling compound and underlay to help our contractors to achieve a perfect, hard wearing resin finish.

Acoustic Underlay for Resin Floors 15 kg


ACU 3110 Acoustic Floor Underlay is a seamless vibration absorbent made of a combination of rubber crumb with polyurethane intermediate coating. ACU3110 is applied as a part of the Comfort Resin Flooring system giving this elegant floor system even more damping and comfort, with the amazing 18 Decibel (ΔLw) noise reduction.The liquid rubber underlay is designed to reduce vibration and absorb the noise. The acoustic underlay is designed for resin floors to help reduce the vertical noise tran..

10 mm x 145 g/m² Fibreglass Render Mesh 50 m²


Fibreglass mesh 145g 10 x 10mm mesh is ideal for reinforcing internal and external render particularly around openings or areas of traditional weakness. Fibreglass will prevent cracking the scatter and the whole surface pressure, especially in the external wall insulation.Fibreglass mesh can also be applied on floors with self-levelling compound and resin when the substrate is unstable (eg: new screeds, wood, rised access panels, tiles).Resin Compatible Fibreglass Mesh is woven from a speci..

50 m2 Fibreglass Mesh for Plastering and Microcement 4x4 mm Mesh


Fibreglass mesh 160g 4 x 4mm is designed to stabilise unstable surfaces, as well as cover and help prevent cracking. It is a flexible lattice made from special glass-fibre strands offering incredible strength when embedded into wet base coat render. Fibreglass mesh is applied with self-levelling compound, resin and micro-topping when the substrate is unstable (eg: new screeds, wood, raised access panels, tiles, walls).Resin Compatible Fibreglass Mesh is woven from a special type of gla..

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