Rubber Squeegees

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Professional Magic Trowel 12" / 30.5 cm


12" Magic trowel is used to smooth the surface of applied cementitious overlays, particularly overlays of a more fluid consistency. A veryeffective finishing tool capable of creating a flawless surface.Eliminates trowel lines, chatter marks, and grooves that metal knives and trowels leave.Rubber blade tips are perfect for drywall joint finishing and smoothing/ wipe down.The handle is threaded to accept any standard coarse thread extension pole.Top choice of professional finishers for finish coat..

55cm Red Rubber Squeegee


22" Rubber Squeegee with and extra stable frame and a stick hole. Made from natural rubber, with metal frame and stick holder.Can be used for the application of up to 20 mm floor coatings. It is designed to resist the intensive use within the flooring industry. It is ideal for the application of the self-smoothing epoxies, polyurethanes and other floor coatings. Also suitable for grounding and sealing. FeaturesRed Rubber SqueegeeWidth: 55 cm/ 22"Own Weight: 0.56 kgFrame ..

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