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Water Clear Epoxy Resin is used for metallic flooring, 3D flooring, casting, artworks, epoxy worktops, spl...

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Water Clear Epoxy Resin is used for metallic flooring, 3D flooring, casting, artworks, epoxy worktops, splashbacks, furniture covering and other high-end epoxy finishes. It can be applied to wooden and cement-based substrates.*

EP308 Clear Epoxy Resin Coating is a transparent, 2 component, solvent free, self smoothing and high quality water-clear epoxy resin. It is renowned for its high transparency and the gloss bubble-free finish.

EP Clear Epoxy is used as a clear epoxy binder for different decorative seamless flooring finishes like: metallic pigments, glittery floors, gloss flakes systems, quartz epoxy mortars. It is also applied as a gloss glass effect top coat for 3D epoxy flooring system and penny floors.

Clear Epoxy Coating is ideal for homes, shops, beauty salons, night clubs, restaurants, museums, galleries and other places where a luxury decorative seamless epoxy coating is required. 

It can also be used for casting artworks. 


EP308 Clear Epoxy is a clear epoxy coating used as a part of different decorative resin systems:

- Metallic Pigments System

- 3D Epoxy Flooring

- Penny Floors

- Gloss Flake System

- Epoxy Quartz Mortar systems

It is also used to seal existing cement based substrates allowing for a wet look raw concrete to be exposed through the hard-wearing clear epoxy film layer.

Epoxy Coating can be trowel or roller applied on prepared and primed substrates.



  • Clear Epoxy Coating
  • Low Viscosity
  • Gloss Reflective Finish
  • Solvent‑free
  • Self-Levelling
  • Excellent adhesion
  • Long working life
  • Resistant to Hydrolysis and Saponification
  • Low Yellowing
  • Water and Chemical Resistant
  • Nonyl Phenol Free


2 Components: A + B = 10 Kg; 5 Kg; 1 Kg


1.1  kg/ m2/ 1 mm
The maximum recommended thickness per layer is 5 mm. 
It should be applied at a minimum of 1 mm nominal for good self-smoothing results.

Metallic Pigments System

3D Epoxy Flooring

Gloss Flake System

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