Comfort Resin Flooring Systems

Comfort Resin Flooring is a solvent-free polyurethane resin flooring system installed at 6-7 mm with flexible soundproofing features. This resin system provides and extra comfort and elasticity to the Flexi Standard Resin Flooring System due to its unique liquid underlay applied before the body coat is poured on the floor. 

Comfort Resin Floors are soft to touch, permanently elastic, acoustic proof, UV stable and highly versatile. 

Due to the highly flexible properties, the comfort flooring finish can be applied to most substrates, including raised access panels or well prepared wooden sub-floors. 

Comfort Resin Flooring system can be applied in different design finishes:

- Unicolours in RAL colours

- Concrete Look in different shades

- Plain Colour with Flakes

- Bespoke/ Multicolour Floor Designs 

Choice of floor finishes are: matt, satin and gloss.

Comfort Resin Flooring - System Build 6-7 mm



EP20 Epoxy Primer

EP27 Damp Proof Primer

RS EP22 Fast Set Primer

150 – 250 g/m2

Liquid Underlay

ACU 3110 Acoustic Underlay

4 mm @ 4000 g/ m2

5 mm @ 5000 g/ m2

6 mm @ 6000 g/ m2

Scratch Coat

PU3112 Tough Polyurethane

1000 – 1300 g/ m2

Body Coat

PU3114 UV Stable Polyurethane

PU3115 Flex Polyurethane

2900 g/ m2

Top Coat

PU3001 Clear Sealer

PU3116 Coloured Matt Sealer

100 – 160 g/m2

Applied in one or two coats