Standard Resin Flooring System

Flexi Standard Resin Flooring System is a 2-3 mm polyurethane, UV stable, soft and elastic floor finish.

One of the most commonly used resin flooring for homes, offices, spas, playrooms, hospitals and other, Flexi Standard resin system provides a hardwearing comfortable floor covering. 

Due to the highly flexible properties, this flooring finish can be applied to most flooring substrates, including well prepared wooden sub-floors. 

Standard Flex Resin Flooring system features a large range of designs:

  • Unicolours in RAL colours 
  • Concrete Look in different shades
  • Plain Colour with Flakes
  • Bespoke/ Multicolour Floor Designs 

Choice of floor finishes are: matt, satin and gloss.

Flexi Standard Resin  - System Build



EP20 Epoxy Primer

EP27 Damp Proof Primer

RS EP22 Fast Set Primer

150 – 250 g/m2

Scratch Coat

PU3112 Tough Polyurethane

1000 – 1300 g/ m2

Body Coat

PU3114 UV Stable Polyurethane

PU3115 Flex Polyurethane

2900 g/ m2

Top Coat

PU3001 Clear Sealer

PU3116 Coloured Matt Sealer

100 – 150 g/m2

Applied in one or two coats