Refina Superflex Finatex PlaziFlex Trowel Set

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Refina Skimming and Finishing Trowels - 

Refina Skimming and Finishing Trowels - Superflex Finatex PlaziFlex with the Holder

Keep your premium trowels safe and wrapped up in the multi trowel holder!

This kit contains the original SUPERFLEX stainless steel finishing trowel, the trade's favourite PLAZIFLEX skimming trowel and the latest golden FINATEX2 stainless steel  trowel

Safely store and transport your trowels with the canvas multi trowel holder. The holder fits up to 3x 16" trowels, has carry handles and strong buckles, can be rolled up to go inside your bucket or can be hung up from the two corner eyelets for easy access.

Bundle and Sizes:

  • SUPERFLEX original stainless steel finishing trowel 16" (Size 405x125mm, Blade thickness 0.4mm)
  • PLAZIFLEX flexiback plastic skimming trowel 16" (Size 400x140mm, Blade thickness 1.0mm)
  • FINATEX 2 premium rose gold stainless steel trowel 14" (Size 355x125mm, Blade thickness 0.5mm)
  • Multi trowel canvas holder with carry handles
  • Strong buckles & two corner eyelets
  • Blue Handle

Main Uses:

  • For smoothing & flattening
  • Burnishing & finishing
  • Plasters
  • Microcement applications

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