Cemflow Renovation - Fibre Reinforced Fast Set Self Levelling Screed

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Deep pour - 5-50 mm thickness in our application
This product has a minimum quantity of 25
  • Deep pour - 5-50 mm thickness in our application
  • Fast Drying Technology - foot traffic in 3 hours, light traffic in 1 day
  • Low Odour during application and Protein Free - suitable to be installed in biologically sensitive areas

Cemflow Renovation is a self smoothing base screed.

This rapid drying levelling compound is applied as a base for resurfacing and levelling existing concrete floors to provide a hardwearing, smooth substrate suitable paint coatings, resin flooring systems, microcement,  topping levelling compounds or other floor finishes.

Cemflow Renovation can be installed at up to 50 mm nominal.  

It is cost effective and provides a high strength surface which is resistant to heavy traffic, such as that found in industrial environments, workshops, and warehouses.

A suitable primer must always be applied prior to pouring the smoothing compound. We recommend Neoprene Primer for porous substrates and StrongCoat Epoxy Primer for weaker substrates. 

Cemflow Renovation is NOT designed as a wearing surface and should be covered with a minimum 5mm application of Cemflow Topping, a resin-based coating, microcement or other flooring finishes.


  • Fast Drying Self-Levelling Compound
  • Foot Traffic - 3 hours
  • Strong -  Compressive strength > 30.0 (N/mm²) after 28 days drying period*
  • Cost effective
  • Application Thickness: 5 - 50 mm 
  • Suitable to be installed with Water or Electric Underfloor Heating.
  • Pumpable
  • Withstand heavy traffic
  • Perfect base for micro topping, resin flooring systems, and epoxy coatings.


  • 25 kg


Consumption per 1 mm thickness - 1.814 kg/ m²

25 kg Unit would cover approximately 1.4 m2 @ 10 mm nominal 

*** Due to most floors being imperfect prior to applying self smoothing compounds, we strongly recommend you considering to order an excess of 3-5% reserve for each project.

Self Levelling Compound Installation Instructions - please check the Data Sheet for Instructions. 

Technical support is available upon request.

Cemflow Renovation

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