DIY Door Bar | NO Visible Screws 40 MM x 90 CM x 0-14 mm Floor Heights | Various Colours

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DIY 40 MM Door Bars Strips for different floor heights from 0 to 14 mm, 90 CM Length TRANSITION Bars with NO VISIBLE Dowel...

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DIY 40 MM Door Bars Strips for different floor heights from 0 to 14 mm, 90 CM Length

TRANSITION Bars with NO VISIBLE Dowel/ Screw Fixing Aluminium Anodised Profile, DIY Pack - 90cm, supplied in various colours.

Multi-floor transition bar is the floor profile system made of aluminium with invisible fastening for all living room coverings from 0-14 mm. With its smooth surface and numerous decors, it is particularly suitable for covering expansion joints or floor coverings of the same height under doors. The attachment to the substrate is carried out by means of flexible lamellar dowels.

Product: DIY-SET incl. nylon dowels - MultiFloor Door Bar

Material: Aluminium Anodised

Length: 90 CM/ 35"

Width: 40 MM

For Same or DIFFERENT Floor Heights/ Levels:  0-14 mm

Colours: Aluminium Anodise Silver, Champagne, Titanium

Fixing supplied: Dowels x 42 mm for drills Ø 6.0 mm


Transition bar profiles are clipped onto plastic plugs inserted into pre-drilled holes at random intervals. Profiles automatically adapt to the height of the flooring without any need for fine adjustment.

The plastic plugs are flexible enough to compensate for height differences in optimum fashion. The profiles themselves lay very flat and harmoniously match heights with any flooring, e.g. at junctions between two flooring materials in a doorway. The smooth surface of the profiles without annoying screws provides the perfect edging for any floor.

Transition Bars are also available with self-adhesive backing to eliminate need for plastic plugs. 

DIY Door Bars Fixing Instructions


MultiFloor Door Strips are perfect as a transition bar between:

  • resin and other types of floors like wood, lino, carpet, carpet tiles etc
  • microcement and wood, lino, carpet, tiles etc.
  • carpet and lino, wood, vinyl etc.
  • wood and tiles

Installed to adjust the different floor levels of 0-14 mm, or for the same levels, used as an elegant transition bar.



Aluminium Anodised Threshold Profiles require no specific maintenance. Any dirt can be removed using normal cleaning materials. However, the cleaning materials must be free of hydrochloric or hydrofluoric acid, and should not scratch the surface.

Features once installed

  • Elegant straight edging profile 
  • Natural colours that would blend with most flooring finishes.
  • Indoor and Outdoor use.

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90 CM/ 35"
40 MM

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