Fento 400 Knee Pads | Fento Max


Fento MAXFento 400 Pro knee pads, supplied as Fento MAX , is the ultimate knee protection solution for flooring trade around the world.Fento Knee Pads are lightweight, comfortable, flexible and very durable. Fento pads are supplied in 2 sizes: Fento 200 Pro (Fento Original) and Fento 400 Pro (Fento Max)Fento 400 FeaturesFento Max (ex Fento 400 Pro Knee Pads)Size:  one size100% Comfort - Perfect fitReplaceable Inlays and Straps Breathable InlaysCo-designed by medical specialists to..

Fento Knee Pads 200 Pro | Fento Original


Fento OriginalFento Original, also called Fento 200 Pro knee pads offer high knee protection during the flooring installations.Fento Original FeaturesSize:  one size100% Comfort - Perfect fitInlay is replaceable and breathableCo-designed by medical specialistsPrevents knee and back complaints through pressure distributionThe Elastic band does not constrict the back of the kneeThe inside is breathableLightweight: 8.8185 ounces/ 250 gramsFlexible and 100% water resistantDurable and very ..

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