Epoxy Flooring Tools

Flooring Tools

Epoxy Flooring Application Tools 

Epoxy resin and microcement flooring have never been more popular and demanding in the UK. To give your customers the best possible

flooring finish, it is crucial to use the right epoxy resin tools for the job. 

If you are an epoxy resin flooring contractor or microcement installer, you are aware that preparing and installing the floor finish requires

professional resin flooring application tools to finish the project effectively.

With over ten years’ experience installing resin floors in all sorts of commercial and domestic premises; we are here to supply the

best resin coating application tools.

At Toppus Group, we’ll support you all along the flooring application process. We’ll provide you the best epoxy rollers to apply epoxy primers,

professional flooring trowels for self smoothing resins, as well as short pile rollers for a lint free top coat sealer. We offer quality flooring tools,

most of them being made in Germany.

We can supply all the epoxy flooring tools you need to ensure that you can deliver a professional installation and finish every time.  Our flooring

types of equipment are suitable for a wide range of flooring types including all liquid coatings, epoxy and resin flooring systems, as well as

microcement finishes.  We spend time searching for the best value epoxy coating tools so you can be certain that when you buy your

flooring contractor tools from us, we have done all the hard work in sourcing the best possible prices for the most effective and high-quality tools.

Flooring Tools for Epoxy Coating and MicroCement

Epoxy Resin Trowels 

We offer a big range of stainless steel and plastic trowels for flooring contractors. Check our specialist resin flooring trowels. The resin trowel is

specially designed for epoxy resin contractors. It makes the application so much easier, reducing the risk of having an uneven resin finish.

Microcement trowel and venetian plaster trowel

Installing a fine cement based finish requires skills and professional trowels. Here you can find a complete microcement trowel kit, as well as TOP quality

Venetian plaster trowel

Paint roller refills

Browse from our huge selection including polymer roller covers, foam roller refills, polyester roller refills, microfiber roller refills and many more.  We also offer nylon blue stripe rollers and yellow stripe roller refills which are perfect for the application of epoxy and polyurethane resins.  Top-quality, each refill is solvent resistant,

thermo-bonded and ideal for seal coats.

Short pile rollers

The most popular roller covers used for the top coat resin applications are the leaving a perfectly smooth, lint free and roller marks free epoxy floor finish. We offer a

range of 6 mm Pile Roller and 8 mm Pile Epoxy Rollers designed to leave a nice smooth resin coating or microcement finish.

Roller frames 

For all your roller refills, choose from our extensive range of roller frames including clip release frames, cage frames, and spindle frames all

available in a selection of sizes.

Spiked rollers

Who could be without this essential flooring tool, de-aerate, and level all your floor coatings for a slick professional finish on even the toughest of flooring challenges. 

Spreading and levelling tools 

For an efficient and even spread of any coating application.  Make the job easier with our range of floor spreaders. We offer a range of

rubber squeegees and pin rakes which create a consistent and level finish for all types of polyurethane and epoxy coatings. 

Flooring Accessories

Find masking tapes, spoon scale, paint scrapers, microfiber mops, mixing tools, and paint brushes in our comprehensive store.

For all your resin flooring tools and microcement trowels, no matter what size the project, Toppus can supply professional flooring tools and

epoxy coating tools plus a range of helpful accessories.  Enjoy unbeatable prices for quality items used by experienced contractors and flooring specialists,

saving you the time and trouble of shopping around.  

Should you have any questions, or if you require advice concerning your epoxy flooring tools, feel free to Contact Us.

For a professional job and a perfect finish, every time.

Epoxy Flooring Tools