Aluminium Anodised Stair Nosing 2.5 LM with 13 mm insert AA139

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Aluminium Anodised Stair Nosing Profiles AA139 are stair tread profiles design to hold 13 mm wide, different colours and textures safety inserts for retrofitting on all stair coverings.

Aluminium stair nosing profiles are perfectly designed for steps covered with resin finish, micro cement, tiles, wood, laminate and vinyl. 


  • Material: Aluminium Anodised
  • Colour: Silver
  • Fixing:  AA139 nosing profiles can be screwed or glued
  • Length: 2.5 metres
  • Height: 9 mm
  • Width: 28 mm
  • Required Inserts: DiamondTred Insert 1 x 13 mm width  
  • AA139 nosing profiles are supplied with NO Inserts. The Inserts should be ordered separately.  
  • The combination of AA139 stair tread profiles and the 13 mm DIAMONDTRED inserts is easy and fast mounted. Pre-drilled holes facilitate the attachment of the profile with screws. Damaged steps are recommended to be repaired before installing the step profile. The security insert is self-adhesive on the back. The foil is pulled off and the insert is pressed firmly into the recess of the profile.


- Residential and commercial epoxy and polyurethane floors, microtopping, wooden floors, tiles, laminate and linoleum.

       - For steps safety nosing/ edge profile

       - For domestic, commercial and industrial 

       - Suitable for Internal and External steps

Indoor and Outdoor use.


  • A fine and attractive way to add safety and durability to each step with seamless covering
  • A wide range of diamond tread coloured inserts including high visibility and night glow are available
  • With extra-flat start ramp (for example  for tile, natural stone coverings, epoxy coating, micro cement)
  • With bumper (for example for thin types of flooring, like resin or microtopping)
  • With different step edge shapes (for example to cover defective step edges)

Various dimensions and materials are available.

Undrilled profiles are also available for adhering to resin, microtopping or tiled floors.

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