PU Tough Resin Flooring System

Tough Resin Flooring System is a polyurethane, hard-wearing, and slightly flexible floor finish.  It has a UV stable finish due to the PU3116 UV stable top coat

Tough Resin flooring is mainly applied in commercial premises like retail shops, offices, schools, hospitals, public areas, restaurants, canteens, showrooms, museums, and city halls. 

The resin system is hard-wearing with a degree of elasticity, allowing it to be applied to well-prepared cement or wooden substrates. 


- Unicolours in RAL colours 

Choice of floor finishes are: matt with a satin appearance.

PU Tough Resin Flooring - System Build



EP20 Epoxy Primer

EP27 Damp Proof Primer

RS EP22 Fast Set Primer

150 – 250 g/m2

Scratch Coat

EP20 Primer + Fine Scratch Coat Filler Ratio 2:1

PU3112 Tough Polyurethane

800 – 1200 g/ m2


1000 – 1400 g/ m2

Body Coat

PU3112 Tough Polyurethane

2800 g/ m2 @ 2 mm

Top Coat

PU3001 Clear Sealer

PU3116 Coloured Matt Sealer

100 – 150 g/m2

Applied in one or two coats