Iridescent Rainbow Glitter for Epoxy 100, 250, 500 grams

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Glittery epoxy coating is amazingly beautiful, whether it is laid on floors, furniture, or tables.

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Glittery epoxy coating is amazingly beautiful, whether it is laid on floors, furniture, or tables.

Iridescent Rainbow Glitter will transform any colour coating simple finish to a high-end sparkly surfacing highlighting any interior, be it an office or a living room. It is also called chameleon glitter due to the multiple colour hues.

Glittery pigments are specially designed micro-particle to be mixed with clear epoxy or scattered on to a wet coloured resin to obtain a luxury sparkly floor finish.

The glittery powder can be supplied in a plain colour, blend of colours, translucent or as a colour shifting chameleon sparkle.

Glittery Mica Pigments are designed to create sparkly eye-catching floors

When used with epoxy coatings, the glitter can be scattered on different surfaces, like furniture, art objects, table tops or wall arts.

Glittery floors are widely applied in night clubs, restaurants, hotels, spas, boutiques, glamorous beauty salons, cinemas, showrooms etc.

Features when applied with Epoxy Coating:

  • Colour: Silver with Chameleon/ Rainbow Effects
  • Size: Fine
  • Seamless glittery surfacing
  • Applied on Furniture, Tabletops, Artworks etc. 
  • Durable glittery epoxy coating
  • Easy field blending & installation                    
  • Multi-dimensional color hues
  • Suitable for homes and public places
  • Stylish, unique design
  • Economical & cost-effective way to achieve a luxury finish.                          


Glitter can be used in combination with most epoxy and polyurethane coatings.

Glitter has widely been used on floors, worktops, wall arts, furniture

Application Method

The epoxy glitter can be mixed with a clear resin, or scattered on to wet, any colour epoxy coating.

Casting is recommended for a uniform, full coverage.


  • 100 grams 
  • 250 grams
  • 500 grams


There is no specific Coverage rate. The intensity of the glitter depends on each project specifics. 

*When mixing glitter, metallic pigments or solid pigments with clear epoxy, tests are recommended prior to application on site.

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