Anti-Slip Beads for Top Coats 150μm-250μm

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Toppus Anti-Slip Beads 150μm-250μm are fine white polymer granules for the creation of a transparent slip re...

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Toppus Anti-Slip Beads 150μm-250μm are fine white polymer granules for the creation of a transparent slip resistant surface in combination with Epoxy Coatings and Sealers. The fine slip resistant additives are mainly used on luxury resin finishes in residential and commercial environements.

Slip Resistant Fine Aggregates are polycarbonate beads with reactive sites that allow it to form a copolymer matrix with epoxies, urethanes, polyesters and acrylics.


  • Colour: white, which becomes transparent in clear sealers
  • Colour in dispersion: transparent. In a clear coating system they will not discolour or distort any graphics or patterns.
  • Durable.  Polymer Beads impart improved durability when used in clear coating systems formulated with acrylic, epoxy, polyester gel coats, polyurethanes and UV-curable coatings.
  • Lightweight. When replacing a mineral anti-skid additive with Polymer Beads it is possible to reduce the weight of a coating by up to 50%, offering cost reduction in transport and weight reductions of the finished articles


Polymer Beads are suitable for the application with most top coat sealers applied in fine layers of up to 200 grams/ m2.

Polymer Beads are most commonly used as an anti-slip additive, as they stay suspended in the resin. They are also used in UV-curable resins and fillers where clarity needs to be maintained.

Anti-slip aggregates may be used in combination with Toppus following coatings:


  • 250 gram 
  • 500 gram
  • 1000 gram


When mixed with top coat sealers recommended consumption rate is 5-8 %.

200 - 250 grams to be mixed with 5 kg polyurethane sealer.

The degree of slip resistance will vary for different resin products viscosity levels and coating application thickness. Tests are recommended prior to application on site.

3D Epoxy Flooring 

3D Metallic Pigment Epoxy System

Polyurethane Resin Flooring

Epoxy Resin Flooring

Comfort Flooring

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