Exterior Topping Levelling Compound - CEMFLOW EXTERIOR 25 kg 5-15 mm

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Cemflow Exterior Topping - is a rapid drying wearing surface topping suitable for external floors...
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Cemflow Exterior Topping - is a rapid drying wearing surface topping suitable for external floors

This levelling compound is a polymer modified cementitious topping designed to eliminate surface irregularities and smooth internal and external concrete surfaces exposed to industrial traffic.

Exterior Levelling Compound is supplied as a pre-blended dry powder designed for application between 5mm and 15mm (in one application) to provide an exterior wearing surface.

Cemflow Exterior Topping is self-smoothing, dimensionally stable and fast drying, allowing vehicles to traffic the surface after only 48 hours at 20°C.

Cemflow Exterior Topping can be pumped up to 1000m² per day. When hand applied, coverage of 350m² can be achieved dependent upon manpower and equipment used.

The outdoor levelling compound does not need to be sealed however if extra protection is required, it can be sealed with Clear Polyurethane sealer, epoxy coating, or water based sealers. 


  • Exterior Fast Drying Self-Levelling Compound
  • Foot Traffic - 3 hours
  • Strong -  Compressive strength > 30.0 (N/mm²) after 7 days drying period*
  • Application Thickness: 5 - 15 mm 
  • Cost-effective
  • Pumpable
  • Withstand heavy traffic
  • It is suitable to be applied under epoxy coatings, self smoothing resin flooring systems, microcement or topping smoothing compounds.


  • 25 kg


25 kg Unit would cover approximately 2.85 m2 @ 5 mm nominal. 

5-10% reserve should be allowed for when ordering self-leveling compound for flooring projects.

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